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Ground 0 (or should I say Day -11?)

Yes, it’s true and I can hardly believe my boldness!  I grabbed my Venti Skinny Decaf Nonfat Latte this morning (my hubby calls it the “why bother” latte) and I noticed the Oprah coffee-sleeve quote was “Your life is big.  Keep reaching.” So I’ve decided to reach and stretch by try this “blogging” thing in what I consider a non-threatening way…. following the prescription of Blog 180 bloggers everywhere: posting a picture and/or comment a day.  I’ve done this in my “other,” non-teaching life via ProjectLife, so this will be my ProjectTeach. I’m almost certain this approach will work for me because I believe in the idea of reflecting daily on how things went in class and I’m motivated by the ongoing commitment to post daily (I do better when I have a schedule, don’t you?).  I try to be a reflective person , but I’m intrigued with the idea of having a running public journal of my daily thoughts.  So thanks to all of you bloggers (see my Blogroll) who have been my inspiration over the last few years!  I’m at ground 0 and blasting off to new heights in my teaching career.  Are you ready to take the plunge, too?


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