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Day -7: Where to get CHEAP classroom supplies

I must admit I’m a garage sale junkie!   I ‘m addicted to the anticipation of finding the “deal.”  I get jittery as I approach the overladen tables, dreaming what I might find.  The rush is almost unbearable when I find the stdeal of the day.   Once I find a deal, I look for 5 more to keep the “high” going. I have withdrawals in October when the G-sale signs fade away.  Garage sales are the prime source of supplies for my classroom.  People are so generous when I share that I’m a math teacher gathering things for my kids. Most everyone is so supportive of what we do, it almost brings a tear to my eye!!  Here is what I got for $3 after sharing that I’m a teacher…staplers, highlighters, sharpie markers, a file container filled with hanging files…SCORE!!


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