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Day 0: Change your words, change your mindset


It’s Labor Day Monday and so I did a little “fun” labor to get my classroom ready.  Here’s my Fixed/Growth Mindset board (based on a post by Sarah Hagan @mathequalslove) that I finally finished for the first day of school and I am so happy with it….thank you Sarah!  I think it makes a great statement to all of the students (not just mine) that pass by my classroom. Will have to weave it into my classes, probably via openers or exit slips, but I want my students to begin shifting their self-talk and thus their mindset to a Growth perspective. My principal even stopped by, saying “Wow, that’s a great board!” and we spent a moment talking about the Fixed vs. Growth Mindset.  Sure hope it opens up other conversations with my colleagues.  And tomorrow is the “Big Day!”  I am so excited to meet my new students!


Day -1: Will I Be Ready?!


I’ve been working on getting my classes “paperless” via Schoology, MathXL for Schools, etc., that my room is a disaster. I “heart” decorating the classroom, creating a welcoming and fun environment.  Today, I’ll roll up my sleeves and do the fun stuff…and believe that the transition to “paperless” will work out!  Heck, the first day of school will be here regardless if my set-up is perfect or not, right?

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