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Day 89: The Never-ending Journey

Getting ready to begin the journey into next semester starts Monday, so it’s time to organize the next chapter.  I have a year plan (that is always in flux) to guide my timing so I don’t rush at the end of a semester.  I always build in what I call “buffer” days so that if my kiddos need more time to wrestle with a new concept, I can build it in.  Over the years, because of my year plan, I have a sense of the time needed to develop a concept…but its never set in stone because kids and classes are different.  The year plan also helps me to think about what worked super well, what worked adequately and what didn’t.  To keep things fresh for myself, I will change out some activities based on what I’ve seen on blogs, twitter, conferences, etc.


On a side note, one of my students dropped by after school today and brought me some gorgeous freesias and an even better note to thank me for the time I spent with him this past semester.  The little joys of teaching!!20160204_080509

Day 73: Prepping for Trig Review

Although I love the energy, engagement and benefits of using stations to review a chapter, the effort, organization and sheer time it takes to put it together can be daunting.  This is the first time I’m using review stations in precalculus and I know it will be awesome for them.  I am struggling to find/create good questions and engaging,worthwhile tasks that get at the heart of the key concepts and processes that I believe the kids still need to review.  My hope for the stations is that they will cover the topics the the students have identified as weak while also bolstering their confidence.


Right now I’m in the midst of making the answer keys for each station….and unfortunately its late and I know that I’m making some careless errors.  I am so lucky that the kids are gracious about finding/fixing key errors.  Also keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow’s first run of the activity.  What do you do that is massively time consuming to prepare but is well worth it in the ultimate gains you see with your students?

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