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Day 94: Class Discourse Sparked by Navigator Quick Poll

One of the things I’d like to use more often in my Precalculus classes are multiple choice questions to promote class discussion.  Today as part of the opener I gave my first MC question.  Fairly straight forward question because I wanted to get the kiddos logged into the Nspire Navigator, which we haven’t done for a while.  The students wrote down on their Opener-Exit slip the answer along with any calculations they needed to do to determine the best choice. Then the Navigator, through a Quick Poll, collects their answers. Once I stop the poll,  I can project the responses in a bar chart.


As you can see, there were two popular answers.  I asked my students in their groups to discuss their choices and try to determine which one was actually the correct answer along with supplying a reasoned argument for their group’s choice.  Some great conversations!  I then resent the Quick Poll to see if they could arrive at the correct answer without my confirming the answer.

Day 34: Nspired Rational Functions


Another great day in Precalculus.  I am so blessed with students who are really interested in understanding the mathematics rather than just memorizing for the test!  I am in “teacher heaven.” Today I gave my students the conditions for a rational function: Given the following information, write the rational function that has zeros at x = 2, x = 3, and vertical asymptote at x = 5.  It has a removable discontinuity  at x = -1.    It has a horizontal  asymptote of y = -3.  I then had them submit their answers via a QuickPoll with the TI Navigator system.  Then we compared and listed all the answers that were unique.  And then they were to look at each one and talk about what they thought need to be “fixed.”  Great discourse and they didn’t even need me to call on them…lots of cross-class discussion.  Learn so much from “mistakes.”

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