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Day 96: Error Analysis with Quick Poll

I used the Navigator today in precalculus to assess their ability to use logarithm properties and techniques.  Once the problem was completed, it was submitted through Navigator.  Then we looked at the results as a class, deciding if an answer was correct, even if the form of the answer was different.  The green indicates correct and grey is not.  I then save the results to the Portfolio and use it as a formative assessment score for participation.

Precalc QP logs

This question below was interesting because we talked about the difference between “undefined” and “no solution” which leads back to the leveraging difference between an expression and equation.  After the discussion, I agreed to accept both since “they didn’t know” but from now on I wouldn’t accept no solution.

Precalc QP logs 3

Some kids are so creative in their final answer form, trying to outdo others with the most complicated yet correct answer.  After a couple, I had to put a halt to their creativity….but it was fun.  They asked for more, too.

Precalc QP logs 2

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