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Day 104: Thinking About the Future

How do I make Precalculus relevant to my high school students?  We study the mathematics of finance!  In particular, we use the Present Value and Future Value formulas for situations that are meaningful to teenagers who are looking forward to becoming independent.  In comes the Partner Finance Activity.


Students are introduced to the scenario: You have just graduated from college and managed to land a job (hopefully using the degree you just earned.)  You are ready to buy your first dream house or condo.  I have the students use the randint( function on their Nspires to determine the range of house values they qualify for.  Then they define some terms such as FICO score, points, and ARM.  Then they use the internet to search for a home that fits their range.  20150212_12081820150212_120912

Once they have a house chosen, they determine the type of loan and calculate their monthly payment. 20150212_143819

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