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Day 4: Getting to Know You


One of the hardest things for me to do is learn my students’ names.  I eventually do, but I’m just not good at it.  So a couple of years ago, I was surfing the web via Pinterest and came across foldables as a way to engage students in key ideas using visual and tactile strategies.  And during my journey I found a Name Tag Foldable over at Purple Pronto Pups blogspot.  I used the ideas and have expanded to include both an opener question (usually a math problem that is a prereq for what we’ll do that day, a check to see if a skill learned earlier is still intact, a practice of a recently learned new skill, etc.)  and an exit question (usually a more personal check about the students’ progress).

So this year, I decided to use the 4-flap idea with the openers on the outside flap and the exit slips on the inside.  In my Precalculus class the openers for this week were : draw a sketch or icon that represents your summer, what would be your theme song and why, what activities are you involved in, solve the equation  3-2|2k-1|>-31.  Exit slips included: ask any question or comment, 3-2-1 format (3 key things about today, 2 questions, and 1 connection to previous learning), tweet about today and rate your understanding of the Prerequisite and Review of Algebra 2 problems so far.  Each night I read and commented on their submission.  Next week, they will continue to post their name tag so I can (hopefully) learn their names.  What do you do to learn your students’ names quickly?

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