Day 92: Logistic Functions and Population Growth Modeling

This is the first day for my students in Precalculus for looking at logistic functions.  They completed an exploration from Foerster’s Precalculus book that had them look at a set of data points and then try to fit an exponential curve.  They quickly realize that the exponential is only accurate at the beginning of the data set.  They are then given the gene20160203_110557ral equation and asked to determine the missing coefficients from specified points using a system of equations.  Good discussions along with reviewing old concepts and processes used in new ways.


One thing I’d like to do is create a graphic organizer to help explain (or have the students determine) what the various coefficients control.  Lately I have found more references online regarding this which didn’t seem available a few years ago.  Will have to share the websites at a later date


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