Day 76: CLT not BLT!

Today we revisited the Rossman/Chance Reeses Pieces Simulation to look at once again the sampling distribution of proportions.  Using this simulation, we reviewed notation, which is so challenging for students when they first see it.

Reeses Pieces Simulation.JPG

We then used the Rice Virtual Labs to set the groundwork for the assumptions and conditions of a sampling distribution of means and the two situations for knowing it is approximately Normal: Normal population vs. unknown population.

Rice Simulation for CLT.JPG

My AP Stats students, using their iPads, explored what happens when the population is Normal, when it is not, and whether they could come up with a population that would not yield an approximately Normal sampling distribution.  Once again, we reviewed the notation and also determined the formula for the standard deviation…they actually came up with the rule!!

Love having technology at my students’ finger tips!  And thanks to Rossman/Chance for updating the applets to work with iPads…so much better when students do their own exploring rather than watching me do it at the front.


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