Day 69: ‘Twas the Day Before Break

I feel like one of the kids.  I so love this season and I am ready for a well-deserved break!  Its important to take break away from our busy schedules to spend genuine time with family and friends, to remember why we do what we do and to bask in the care and love of dear ones.  Handing out a candy cane to remind them that I care about them and I’m here to help them succeed.


Speaking of that, one of my students gave me the sweetest note yesterday tied to a candy cane, which I promptly laminated in a photo id pocket and will hang on my tree at home.  It is hand-drawn and painted.

20151218_082043.jpg 20151218_082037.jpg

I’ve decided I’m not giving a required assignment to my classes over break.  I’ll share with them how important it is to rejuvenate and rest.  But I’ll also encourage them to reflect about where they are academically, and to ponder the following:

  1. Lots of time to shore up your skills
    1. What topics did you really not master at all?  Could you relearn or deepen your understanding in some way?
    2. What are the leveraging ideas that you don’t have mastered yet?  What could you do about it? Internet videos, practice problems, etc. might help.
    3. Would committing 30 minutes a day to review (16 days x 0.5 = 8 hours of review) make a difference?
  2. The semester final will be 3 weeks after we return from break
    1. Could you use some of the time to begin the semester review in a non-rushed way?  Would a study group help?
    2. What topics from the semester do you need some refreshing?
    3. Did you have a particularly rough unit?  Which old concepts and processes from earlier in the year might need reviewing?
  3. End of semester project is coming up
    1. What planning or prep could you do during break?
    2. Is there anything you could complete during the 16 days off?

I’ll have lots of things posted on Schoology if they want to use the time to “get ahead.”

Happy Holidays! and Happy New Year!


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