Day 65: Go Fish Gallery Walk

I decided over the week-end that my AP Stats students needed some more time practicing binomial probabilities in context.  And I have these great primary school magnetic fishing poles (you know the kind at the kindergarten carnivals?!).  Time for Go Fish!  but not the card game.


I collected a variety of binomial practice problems, cut them out, put metal clips on them and put them in a big bowl…my fish in a pond.  Short “bang for the buck” experience as my statisticians “fished” for their problem, but they liked it anyways!  They they had 20 minutes as a group to organized, solve and present their solutions in a poster form.  Gave them some guidelines around that should be in their poster (used my acrylic stand-up frames…you can see in the photos)

Once time was up, the groups posted their solutions on my handy-dandy clothespins and did a gallery walk.  They were each given 2 post-it notes.  They were to put one praise and one suggestion for improvement on their sticky for two different posters.  They also checked their peers’ work.  I was really happy to see things like: “define the variable” “these are just numbers, what do they mean?” and “careful of your notation…you need P(x>2) not just the work”

Pretty good conversations.  Still not sure some of my students are comfortable with the mechanics of the binomial process.  Have to use an opener question to test that tomorrow.

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