Day 63: It’s Time for Clock Buddies!!

I love having students interact with each other, chatting about mathematics and sense-making about new concepts while connecting skills to those concepts.  But “turn to your partner” or “discuss in your groups” can get stale after a while.  I needed some new strategies for getting my kiddos face-to-face.  I found some good ones, but a keeper is Clock Buddies (Partners).

clock buddy clock buddy 2

I shared about the process of setting up clock buddies last year, but forgot how easy it is to have “extra kids” after they all sign up. This year with my AP Statistics class, I followed the same process with that same result…isn’t that the definition of insanity?

Well, I reflected afterwards about how I could make the process smoother.  So with my precalculus students, instead of the “free for all” of signing up, I had them find a 1 o’clock buddy that wasn’t in their group.  Then they sat back down.  Next they found a 2 o’clock buddy that was in their group. For 3 o’clock, they found someone sitting in an “odd” group if they were sitting in an “even” group; then they sat back down. Etcetera, etcetera.  This worked much better and had fewer individuals left out early in the process.


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