Day 57: Non-Threatening Forced Participation

Once in a while I employ what I call “forced participation” strategies for getting random students involved in the conversations in a somewhat non-threatening way.  Some ways I’ve used in the past:

  1. Use randint( on my TI Nspire to select a random number associated with a student.  Sometimes I have that student hit the button to select the next participant.
  2. Drop a coin on the seating chart.
  3. Select a tongue depressor with students names on them
  4. Dave Bunker’s Random Name Selector (uses Macromedia Flash Player 8)

I saw a new teacher to our building use cards on a ring with the student’s photo on one side; the cards are color-coded for each class.  Then I grab the ring from my front board, and randomly flip to a card and that student is selected.

I also had students write down activities they are involved in at school on the back.  I also could have them share other interesting things about themselves to get to know them better.  The cards are hung in a convenient and accessible spot at the front of the room.  Just another tool in my toolbox.

What are some “tried and true” strategies you have used to encourage students to participate?


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