Day 55: Gamifying Probability Review

Ok, maybe not “gamify” in the sense that I created a new game, but we did do a competition with multiple choice questions.  It seems students get mixed up a lot when reading probability multiple choice questions, so some practice before next week’s test is in order.  Besides, it’s just before the 4-day Thanksgiving break, so I wanted to be sure my kiddos were actively engaged in good mathematical discussions.

I had 8 sets of 5 MC questions, duplicated twice on different colored paper and put into page protectors.


Then each group got one set with whiteboard markers and they got to work determining answers.  20151125_091617

When they thought they had the correct answers, they came up to me and I checked them.  If they were correct, they got 2 points.  If not, then the first time through I only told them how many were incorrect.  If they returned and they had corrected their mistake(s) then they got one point.  If they still had things wrong, I would tell them the number and then they had to fix it, but would not earn any points.  Once the group had correctly answered the 5 questions, they then picked up another set and repeated.



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