Day 55: Gamifying Probability Review

Ok, maybe not “gamify” in the sense that I created a new game, but we did do a competition with multiple choice questions.  It seems students get mixed up a lot when reading probability multiple choice questions, so some practice before next week’s test is in order.  Besides, it’s just before the 4-day Thanksgiving break, so I wanted to be sure my kiddos were actively engaged in good mathematical discussions.

I had 8 sets of 5 MC questions, duplicated twice on different colored paper and put into page protectors.


Then each group got one set with whiteboard markers and they got to work determining answers.


When they thought they had the correct answers, they came up to me and I checked them.  If they were correct, they got 2 points.  If not, then the first time through I only told them how many were incorrect.  If they returned and they had corrected their mistake(s) then they got one point.  If they still had things wrong, I would tell them the number and then they had to fix it, but would not earn any points.  Once the group had correctly answered the 5 questions, they then picked up another set and repeated.



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