Day 54: Thankful for the Unit Circle

We did a fun activity today in precalculus, reminiscent of an elementary school art activity near Thanksgiving.  We created the hand turkey, but put a trigonometry twist to it.  I gave them this paper to get them started:

Thankful for Unit Circle

Then I said we are making Unit Circle turkey’s for Thanksgiving.  They had to put their thumb on one axis and the pinkie on the other axis.  Then their “feather” fingers became the special angles in the first quadrant.  They added important details, including the angles, the coordinates, etc. along with color.  Interestingly, some students had never made the hand turkey before, but their group partners helped them out and they had fun…even my “curmudgeon” boys who think some of my activities are silly.


I was going to have them post their final art work in my room, but they wanted to post in the hall, so we did.



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