Day 52: Unit Circle Game

Getting students to know the special Unit circle values can be such a tricky thing.  It is some rote memorization, but hopefully rooted in sound conceptual foundation.  But how to have students practice in a somewhat meaningful way.  Well, the Unit Circle Game is one way.

20151120_113326 20151120_113322

Last year, I thought the game didn’t have much impact.  But a student shared via information I ask for when I write letters of recommendation, that she found the game particularly helpful for her to visualize the values on the Unit circle.  So I decided to do it again…but with some modifications in the play to make the game run more smoothly.  And it did!  Great Friday activity.



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  1. I’d appreciate it so very much if you might take the time to email me your most updated unit circle game. I can’t seem to access the links you’ve included here, but I am intrigued!


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