Day 51: Human Venn Diagrams

Decided today that I wanted to get the kids up and moving a little in AP Stats.  We are working on probability right now, and wanted to help make the connection between Venn diagrams and two-way tables in a personal way.  I have two big balls of thick colorful yarn, magenta and baby blue.  Cut out two long pieces and tied into circles.  Also used painter’s tape to make a gianormous two-way table on my classroom floor.  As my students walked into the class, they were already curious about what we were doing today…yay, instant engagement.


I had two sentence cards made up with MALE and PETS.  Simple, but hoped there would be some overlap and some students that didn’t fit either.  I put the two cards on the floor and they created the Venn diagram.  I then asked what each group represented.  Pretty simple.  Then I asked them to rearrange themselves onto the two-way table…using the same cards as the table labels.  Again asked what each region meant as well the complement of various descriptors.  Then we did the whole activity again, but they determined the two descriptors.  Very interesting and organic discussion about what works for descriptors and what needs to be thought through; for instance, ACT vs SAT for one descriptor or for both, or number of siblings, etc. We then did notes and they instantly were able to make the connections.

20151119_090845 20151119_091021

One thing I would change is perhaps ask a few probability questions based on the Venn diagram or two-way table, including “and” “or” and “given that” verbiage. Overall a very successful and minimal prep activity.  It’s a keeper for me!


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