Day 50: Definitions Without Words


Today I wanted my precalculus students to recap the coffee filter activity.  But how to do it in an interesting way?!  I found a great website site that has some awesome .gif files of mathematical concepts in picture form.  Check it out!! There are some pretty amazing visual depictions of important (or not so important) math ideas.

Here is the one I found for visually communicating the definition of a radian.  Love it!!

So the Opener question I asked was this:

Explain how this .gif demonstrated the definition of a radian.  What is the conversion relationship between radians and degrees?

Also, as an added a reminder of the mathematical practices, I  asked my kiddos which math practices they used to complete their write-up.  Lots of bang for the time allotted!  I think I will continue to use this as a follow-up to the “What in the World is a Radian?” activity.



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