Day 47: Prepping the Unit Circle Game

Last year I tried a game I called the Unit Circle Game.  I didn’t think it made an impact and it took a whole block period class period to do it.  There were some changes that needed to be made if I was to use it again.  In fact, I had not planned to use it this year; however, in the process of writing a letter of recommendation for one of my precalculus students from last year, she shared how much that game helped her get a better sense of how the unit circle worked:

Right after the concept was introduced, we played a game based on the unit circle. I don’t recall the specifics, but it was some sort of navigation game where players marked points on a laminated unit circle with dry erase markers and recited the point’s coordinates. Once we got the game going, the entire concept of trig values, which we spent the better part of a block period learning, became clear to me. With a little memorization help from Quizlet and the conceptual understanding from this game, I quickly conquered a task that seemed impossible.

How could I NOT include the game again this year?!  It would be criminal to not give my students this year the opportunity they had last year.


So I am re-writing the game rules a little and organizing the game pieces to use next week.  Stay tuned for an update.


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