Day 40: Buried in Vocabulary

We are starting the “Designing Studies” section of AP Statistics and it is vocabulary heavy!  Rather than read off a list of the words related to experiments, I had a brain storm just before class.  Have the students create the list using what they already knew about experiments from their science classes.  I handed out sentence strips (a great tool I learned about from my elementary teacher friends) and each group stated a word related to experiments and if it had not been stated, they wrote it on the strip and placed in the sentence strip poster.

20151102_095155 20151102_095202

They eventually got all of the terms and we were able to talk about which ones are unique to statistics vs science.  We then watch a video that introduces observational studies vs experiments and so they were more in tuned because we had already reviewed the terms.  I think this will be a keeper activity!!


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