Day 31: TPEP Training Day

Who would have thought you’d need a day to train to be evaluated?  When I first started teaching the process was very simple and was in the realm of the administration.  They would set up a pre-observation date, an observation date and a post-observation date.  The teacher would create a detailed lesson plan, submit it prior to the first meeting date and then discuss it with the evaluating administrator.  The administrator then observes the lesson, taking notes, etc. and then discusses the observation with the teacher in the post-observation meeting.

In 2015, the process is almost spirit-crushing.  As I mentioned earlier, I created a binder for the comprehensive evaluation process in order to collect needed evidence to demonstrate my teaching ability at the Proficient or Distinguished levels (I don’t see myself at the Basic level at this point in my career).


Today we have a day long training on the Danielson Framework for Teaching, our model for evaluation.  I really want the evaluation process to be meaningful for me rather than a bunch of hoops to jump.  Right now, I don’t feel it is helping me be a reflective teacher, but rather a frantic gather of items that don’t help me teach better. I had hoped today’s training would help me figure out what types of evidence I could use for each component, how variations in evidence can move me from Basic to Proficient to Distinguished, and most especially, how to develop measurement tools for collecting data/evidence for Student Growth.  I want to know that the activities and experiences I use with my students actually make a difference.  I am not a Research Scientist and I don’t have the time to do Action Research, yet how can I measure the impact of these experiences without adding more time to my already jam-packed day? Unfortunately,  I didn’t get answers to these questions this time, but I am ever hopeful that the next training will help me with these things.

How is your evaluation process going this year?  What have you done to help make the process smooth for yourself?  How have you made the process meaningful?

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