Day 24: State Teacher In-service Day…Kind Of

This State Teacher In-service day used to be a day off for teachers to attend professional development via state conferences, district sponsored workshops or some other PD opportunities.  But this year, our union negotiated half the day away so we could get a little extra $$.  Nice idea about the money, but basically puts a kabash on being able to attend a conference.  I will have to be creative about how to get my personal PD fix.


I am on the Comprehensive plan this year and it is a big production…almost like completing your ProCert.  I decided I needed to organize early to make sure I had a way to collect evidence for 8 criteria encompassing 22 components of the Danielson Evaluation model.  I spent some time trying to find organizational documents online, but was only partially successful.  One golden discovery was a list of possible evidence items for each component!


I started to put together a binder to collect items and to keep track of what has been collected, what needs to be collected and when, and keep track of the student growth goals…the most intense part of the evaluation.  I hope to identify key evidence items within this next week, and then determine when I plan to collect them throughout the year, so I don’t miss the opportunity.

20151011_135407 20151011_135430

Luckily, the topic of the district directed day was on writing our Student Growth Goals as per our evaluation model. We need to identify a goal for a group (course, class, etc.) and a matching goal for a clearly identified subgroup with at least 2-3 markers (female 504 students who are left-handed, students that receive a 40% to 60% on the baseline AP MC PreAssessment and came from a non-honors experience).

20151011_135709TPEP st growth goals

I am really thankful for the time to contemplate what those goals would be.  I am thinking about using my previous years’ AP exam profile to identify the MC areas on the AP exam on which students struggled.  This would allow me to collect data via GradeCam, which shows performance over time and allows for comparing an individual student to the class progress.  I can also have students take a 50 minute AP MC exam as my baseline; I should be able to identify the areas of focus for the class as well as the subgroup.  Then I can design experiences and MC opportunities to track progress over time.

Our math department did put together our Criterion 8 Student Growth Goal…which is the departmental goal tied to our SIP goal.

Criterion 8 Goal: Each student will improve their ability to recall and utilize previously learned skills without prompting, based on intermittent assessments from October 2015 to June 2016 and beyond.

Now I just have to figure out how to write my Criterion 3 and Criterion 6 Student Growth Goals in SMART format….don’t I have plans to make for Monday?!



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