Day 17: Back to School Night

Although I don’t get too nervous any more (after all this is my 36th one!) I still want the experience o thave a big impact on the parents attending.  We only have 10 minutes, so how to “wow” the parents without overwhelming them?

In the past, I have used power points to help organize my presentation, but I was hearing teachers who are also parents attending their own open houses that they weren’t sure they could sit through another power point.  Got me thinking that maybe I needed to KISS my plan good-bye…keep it simple stupid by just talking to the parents and keep it a little free-flowing.


I had handouts ready and just had 3 main points to cover: Student struggles at the beginning of the year, how their young adult can get help and how they can see what’s going on in class.  Seemed to work well and I had lots of parents share that their students were initially overwhelmed but have already figured out how to manage their time and are finding the class engaging, interesting and invigorating.  I was “wow”ed.  A few parents of kids from last year stopped by to share that their son or daughter had already used their AP Statistics this year at college and were thrilled they had taken AP Statistics in high school.  I immediately asked them to share with their parent-friends to talk up APS.

One thing I really want to do now that Open House is over is to look for some other fun, engaging yet informative presentation modes.  What have you done in the past that really “wow”ed your parents? Love to hear about them!!


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