Day 16: Paperless Classroom


Well, not totally paperless.  I started trying to evolve my classroom practice to include a digital classroom using Schoology (for course management), Notability (for organizing and taking notes) and MathXL for Schools (for online HW around skills practice).  My students find the transition from paper to digit challenging and a little frustrating.  Even more so this year since we’ve had lots technology issues with the start of school due to new rooms with new technology, getting Schoology to uploading grades directly to our online grading system and moving to a Google platform…and the students got updated iPads!  It is stressful and frustrating at the beginning of the year, but I believe worth it in the long run.

There has been some talk on Twitter lately about whether a digital classroom is conducive for long-term learning.  I think David Geurin makes a good point!  The reason you are using the technology MUST be rooted in sound and purposeful instructional decisions.

Technology not end all

Today, my precalculus students are working in groups on some problems using Notability to work out and record their results.  I like my students to do this work on their iPads in Notability because they can organize by topic and then I can ask them to pull up old work for discussion in light of new learning.  Students also have a portfolio of their work for the entire year.




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