Day 13: The Crucible

One of my roles over the last couple of years has been as an Instructional Coach in my building…not just in mathematics but instruction in general.  So I found myself covering a junior language arts class in which they were reading the play “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller.  Talk about being out of my element!!  But I had a great time “acting dumb” since they knew I am a math teacher.


I was asked to have the students “popcorn” read for the period.  So the first thing I did was ask for volunteers along with naming the part they read.  Then part way through, I stopped them (I was getting bored and a little lost) and asked them to tell me what was going on.  We developed a mini-map of the plot and they had to describe to me what was happening.  Then each participant passed off their role to another student in the class.  By the end of the period, just about everyone had participated.

The experience makes me wonder what other strategies do teachers use to have students read important text but simultaneously insure that all individuals participate and are engaged.  Thought?


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