Day 7: Frog Bands Data

I found these adorable little frog rubber bands this summer and knew I needed to have them to use with my AP stats kids. Although they are an elementary school manipulative, they seemed so fun for my high school kids! However, I didn’t anticipate the “brute force” of my HS students’ finger flinging, so a few of frog bands broke under the stress of being launched across the room. But the fun was well worth the tragedies.

20150918_162449 20150918_162532

I adjusted an Algebra 2 activity I found called Rubber Band Launch to use the Frog-bands. This is a fun 15-minute data collection activity required 10 datum.  The data is then used to develop the formula for the standard deviation.  It was really interesting to see how the students set up the data collection so the trials were as consistent as possible.  Prior to starting the activity, we talked about unintended bias and lurking variables that affect the consistency of the data values.

frog band 1 20150918_092536

How do you take a dry topic and spice it up with some quirky fun?


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