Day 6: Clothes Pin Posters


As I looked around my new fabulous room, I realized that I had little space to display student work. I racked my brain, checked out Pinterest, and did lots of Internet searches for ways to post work on my cupboards without using tape. I noticed that many elementary teachers who have cinder walls use Removable Mounting Putty made by Scotch. I was initially leery of the idea but I was desperate, so I gave the putty a shot. And you know what, it worked out great! As you can see, the putty holds up the large clothespins easily and they looked so fun in the center of each of the cabinets.

20150915_181127 20150915_181104

One of the most challenging thing to teach AP Statistics students (and actually any student) is how to write technically. So, early in the course, I start to have them write together. The activity today required the students to compare two sets of data. They were to practice using comparing language along with using all of the required elements to describe data (i.e SOCS, etc.). Using Google search under the image tab, I searched things like “comparing boxplots,” “comparing histograms,” and “comparing data sets.” I got some great graphs doing this! So I copied them, made them larger, cut them out and then my student groups randomly selected one of them. Here are the directions I gave the groups:

Comparing Distributions

Below are the final posters displayed wonderfully with my cabinet clothes pins!  Thank you elementary teachers for a practical and simple solution to my student display dilemma!

20150916_102734 20150916_102709


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