Day 4: Looking at Multiple Representations in Statistics

This summer, during one of my lazy, meandering journeys on the internet, I came on a very interesting article by Malcolm Swan (MARS/Shell Centre at the University of Nottingham, England) called Designing a Multiple Representation Learning Experience in Secondary Algebra.  Here is the abstract from his paper:

This paper describes some of the research-based principles that I use when designing learning experiences to foster conceptual understanding. These principles are illustrated through the discussion of one type of experience: that of sorting multiple representations. I refer to learning experiences rather than tasks, because tasks are only one component of the design. Close attention is also paid to the role of the teacher in creating an appropriate climate for learning to take place.

Of particular interest to me was one of the activities called Frequency graphs, Cumulative frequency graphs and Box and whisker plots.  I always like having matching activities to get my students talking to each other. This one seemed like the great higher level matching activity good for the first chapter in our textbook.  I plan to use this task after our discussion of ogives.

20150911_152853 20150911_152858

Today, I xeroxed and laminated the task cards and plan to use them early next week. Be sure to check in next week to see how the activity worked out.

Whoo-hoo, it’s Friday and gorgeous-sunny outside.  Perfect day to get outside with my dog.  Had a good first week, especially with my kiddos!  Technology was (actually continues to be) a challenge, but the week-end will help me decompress. How did your first week back at school go for you?


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