Day 3: Mindset Questionnaire

Mindset bookI had a long time reading list for this summer and I’m proud to say that I got many of those books read!  A colleague of mine here at school and I read Carrol Dweck’s Mindset: The New Psychology of Success together. Basically we did a mini book club and we had some great discussions afterwards. I even got a chance to practice my do little note taking (but that’s for another post later this year).

20150910_172906 evOne of the things we wanted to do at the beginning of the year was tried to assess where our kids were on the mindset scale. We found a great questionnaire on, that we of course tweaked a little bit. What was nice about this questionnaire is it is heavily based on math attitudes and it also had a rating scale!  Score!!  Check out the site because there are a lot of other really useful materials.

So anyway today, I gave the questionnaire two my PRECALCULUS classes and then they used grade can too quickly scan their results. It worked like a charm! And my students were quite impressed with getting results so quickly. Something to be said for immediate feedback. Below is a picture of the screen as I was standing one of the students questionnaires. The second screen shot is an item analysis of student responses to each of the questions. The green bar is the answer with the highest growth mindset rating.The bar immediately to the left or the right is also a positive growth mindset response although not as strong.  Although I have not finished analyzing where my students’ average mindset lands on this scale, it is quite interesting to look at the data.

GradeCam GradeCam2

Tomorrow, I will have my students find their overall mindset score using the weighting scale for each question.  Then we will create a dot plot of the results. That will give me a clearer picture of where the class lies on the mindset scale. I hope to use this information to help kids move more words eight growth mindset in their mathematical studies.

How have you used the idea of growth mindset to help your students take risks and persevere in their learning? What activities have been successful for you?


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