Day 1: We’ve Started!

Gosh, It’s hard to believe that the summary is over and it’s time to start teaching again. A couple of weeks ago I didn’t think I would get on pat and get my room set up in time. You can see from the photos how much stuff I had to unpack.  I’m pretty satisfied with the final product. I just loved having my classroom set up and organize, don’t you? Can you believe all the junk I had two on impact and organize? Thank goodness this as a science room with lots and lots of cabinets and drawers!

20150630_073232 20150630_073239

Here are before and after pictures of the front of the room. I hope you can see what a difference decorating can make. I decided I wanted to have my kids in groups most of the time, but they didn’t want to have that big tables I had in my last room. So I asked for individual desks and then send them up in groups of four. I went Dollar Store and got furniture pads to put on the bottom of each of the desk legs so that when they move around, they don’t make that awful scraping sound. I also used some of Sarah Hagan’s free posters that she shares at math equals love.

20150630_073243 20150908_172713

I’m also pretty happy with my teaching area in the back corner of the room. My school district installed three whiteboards at the back of the classroom. I am really thankful for that! I’m still puzzling about how to post students work. In my previous classroom I had a magnetic whiteboards, so I could use magnetic clips to hold the work of. In this around I don’t have that luxury. I have lots of cabinets but I hate to think of putting tape on them ‘cuz it leaves a residue that is hard to clean. And the blue painters tape just doesn’t stand for any length of time. Does anyone have a good suggestion?


How did your first day of school go? Does anyone have a great story to share?


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