Day 184: The End

Whoo-Hoo!!  It’s done.  I loved every minute of the year, and I’m loving every second of the start of summer vacation.  As Dr.  Seuss said, “Oh, the places you will go.”

Addendum: I am starting a second year of Blogging 180 days.  Here is the site:

I’ve got great plans for my summer:

  1. Reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly about this past year.
  2. Visit my dad
  3. Read Read Read (see my previous blog post)
  4. Learn to Infodoodle.
  5. Make cards and get my right brain active again.
  6. Have coffee (or a margarita) with friends I haven’t seen in a while.
  7. Ride my bike lots and get ready for the 2-day 200 mile ride in August!
  8. Spend some time on Twitter and maybe even get into some chats.
  9. Organize for next years courses
    • Consider how to develop a Growth Mindset into my students
    • Reflect on how to reinforce the need and desirability of retention in my students, especially the AP Statistics students
    • Redo my AP Statistics class notes.  I tried another teacher’s set, and I just don’t think it worked so well
    • Revamp the flipped classroom videos for AP Stats
    • Consider creating some flipped classroom videos for precalculus
    • Mull over how to bring a purposeful focus on problem-solving and the math practices into the precalculus class again.  Sure missed it this year and I think it made a difference in my students’ ability to approach non-routine problems.

Oh my gosh, I’m exhausted just thinking about what I want to do.  But nothing is accomplished without first dreaming about doing it, right?  And if I don’t get to everything, all is not lost.  How are you planning on spending your summer?

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