Day 182: Movin’ Movin’ Movin’

Because our school is adding on 10 new rooms (we are busting our seams!), and our department was given two of them, our department is doing the big shuffle of rooms.  I am getting a general purpose science room since the science department is getting 4 new rooms, including a robotics room.  Lucky me!  The room is bigger and actually has windows! Lots more room to store project equipment and to set up areas to collect data. And it may actually be a little closer to the office, but farther from the parking lot.  That just means I get to my 10000 steps much quicker on my phone’s daily step tracker.


Since my current room lost its windows because that wall is where two rooms were added, it is dark, stuffy and somewhat dreary since there are not windows (you can compare the difference in the two photos).  Same wall, same angle, same time of year, very different feel.  I’ve never thought of myself as being affected by having sunlight, but day after day of not knowing if its sunny, rainy or if a tornado is coming is more depressing than I thought.

20140514_085502 rev 20150615_130122

So I’m moving.  Lots of work packing – using my awesome students to help although things are just getting stuffed into moving boxes without rhyme or reason.  So much more fun to unpack the surprises later!!  We will be allowed back in the building in August (hopefully) because I fear it will take me forever to unpack, organize and make the science room feel warm and inviting.  I’ll be sharing more about my moving progress probably in August!  So stay tuned for my new room make-over.


What are some of your favorite room organization ideas you’ve found over the years?  I’m all ears and eyes!!!


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