Day 181: Up, Up and Away

Today’s the day!  My precalculus kiddos are finished with their balloons (so proud) and we’re flying them.  The weather was beautiful and much fun was had by all.  And all of the balloons flew – whew!  We even had 7 fly away beyond the school grounds….hopefully the phone number will help get them back.  It is a record to have that many balloons “disappear” into the wild blue yonder!

20150616_131905 20150616_104004

While I build the charcoal heat source, my students take a partner quiz that covers the main ideas of the project.  They get to use their notes, and their partner, as references so it is not too stressful for them.

What end of year activities do you do with your students?



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  1. What did your students use to make their balloons? I love this idea!


    • It is a great project! The kids were raving about it today. And in their evaluation I asked what they would change, or improve upon, and they said nothing; they also said it was a “great stress reliever” during finals and a “really fun way to end the year “. We did finals a little early and they liked that.

      All they used was 1 package of dollar store tissue paper about 18 inches of 14 gauge wire and Elmers all purpose glue. we also used butcher paper to create the gore pattern from their original equation for the half cross section.

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