Day 180: Blog 180…Am I Finished Yet?

First PostHey, I thought we taught 180 days, but this is not our last day of school.  I don’t remember starting Day 1 after school started but there it is.  And here I am after 180 days of continuous documenting (actually 192 days of blogging – WOWZIE!!) and we’re still not done with school…2 more days after today.

Nevertheless, this has been an awesome experience!  I first saw this idea at Peek Inside My Classroom…My 180 Blog.  Thanks to Sam Shah and the MTBoS for sharing support for this idea!  Although I’m more than a couple years behind the others, I am so glad I took the time to document and reflect on my daily experiences in my classroom.  Some things I’m thinking about are:

  1. I want to continue this next year!  I’ve seen other teachers have a particular focus (formative assessment, student discourse, mindset, etc.) but I’m a little scared to commit to such a narrow focus.  So much happens in class and I really like the ability to share about whatever whenever.
  2. Because of my summer reading aspirations, I would like to weave in more theory in my practice and reflect on how the theory seems to work in practice.
  3. I love the photos and want to continue with them.  I may want to check about having student faces actually showing and what I’d need to do to let this happen.  It takes more time to “icon” out their smiles and some of the joy gets lost in translation.
  4. I need to advertise somehow.  Next year, I think I may ask to add my blog to the MTBoS list.  I would like to get more readers (I’m craving some feedback) and this may be the way to go.  Another thing I need to do is share via Twitter when I’ve posted something I’m particularly proud of or that I’d like some constructive feedback.
  5. Do I want to share with my students that I blog about them?  Blogging is my place (as a teacher) to honestly reflect on the happenings in class, so might I not be so honest if I knew students were checking it out?  On the other hand, this might make my thoughts, choices and decisions about our classroom more transparent to my students and maybe they might even comment back.

What experiences have you had with sharing your blog with your students?  I’d love to hear from you!


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