Day 175: Infographics Revealed

Infographic Words with FriendsInfographic FishToday is my AP Statistics class presentations of their infographics.  For the first time doing this project, I was generally pleased.  My seniors were genuinely engaged the whole week before graduation on a topic that was interesting to them.  The end results were interesting and my statisticians-in-training were very proud of their end product.  And that’s always a plus in my book!


Upon reflection, there are some things I want to improve or adjust:

  1. I think this is a better project for first semester because of the data display and describing the displays statistically.  The inference component seemed forced and as such seemed to lessen its impact.
  2. I may need to find or make an infographic that does what I want as an exemplar so my kiddos know what they are supposed to be doing; even with the rubric, they seemed unclear.
  3. I need to scaffold better the idea of “telling a story” with data.  Although I had my students come up with a main question to answer with 3-5 supporting, related questions, they didn’t seem to know how to pull these together.  Many of the projects seemed to lack cohesiveness in telling the story about the data.
  4. Although I suggested that the graphs “need to stand alone to tell the story,” I need to make it clear that in fact at least a 1-2 sentence description/summary of how the data display answers the question should be added.
  5. I was saddened by one group though that seemed to have no real sense about the statistics they had learned during the year – although it wasn’t a big surprise as they had struggled all year, I naively thought with open book, open internet and access to their peers that they would be sure to get the stats and concluding statement correct.  Happy thoughts – all of my other students DID shine in their correct application of the statistics they learned – hooray!!

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