Day 167: Hyperbola Take Over

One of the things I really like to have happen in my classroom is having students take over the discussion.  It’s occurrence is more rare than I would like it to be, so when it happens, I celebrate with little “yippees” in my mind. [Note to self: good summer rumination-how to foster more student-led discussions]

Hyperbola Opener

We are studying conics in Precalculus and we were looking at this Opener problem dealing with two hyperbolas.  Even though I suggested that we only work for 5 minutes, my students just couldn’t let it go.


They worked diligently, and eventually realized that they needed to graph the situation using their Nspires….so they began to put the hyperbolas into function for to enter.  Of course, they asked, “Isn’t there an easier way?!”  I suggested that they explore that more thoroughly on their own.  And one student, excitedly (and somewhat smugly) jumped up and said, “I can show you all!”  And he did.

20150527_135042 20150527_135046rev

How do you get your students to take over your classroom?  I’d love to hear some new ideas to try!


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