Day 164: Statistics Final Exams

Ever since I started to teach AP Statistics, I have had the final the week after the AP Exam.  My rationale is two-fold.  First, it keeps all of my students reviewing, both those taking the exam and those that opted not to because they are taking so many others.  Secondly, by getting the final out of the way, students are more relaxed and receptive to putting their full energy into the final project.  I have used a truncated APS grading score sheet:


Unfortunately, this year the plethora of testing has thrown a kink into my plans!  We have three 30-minute periods and one 55-minute period to complete the final.  As a result, I had to cut out the #6 Investigative Task, while also chopping up the MC into “do-able” pieces.  So on two of the 30-minute classes, I had 5 MC and 1 FR question for them to complete…timing was good on the first one.  On the 55-minute day, they will have 3 FR and 5 MC, and the last 30 minute will be the remaining MC…a little nervous about the timing on this one.



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