Day 162: May Madness – Testing, Late Starts, and More Testing!

Although we are not as unfortunate as some eastern states, we are losing lots of time and days to the craziness of testing: SBAC, ELA, EOC, oh-my!  This week because of the late starts, our classes are 30 minutes and the block day classes is 55 minutes.  Due to our teacher walk-out day in support of fully funding public education, we had one block day (and subsequent testing day) moved to next week.  So our schedule looks like this:


Then next week, we finish the first phase of testing, but have the required HIV-AIDS training during our advisory class.  Oh why wasn’t this done in February when we were desperate for a good lesson?  The week after is our state’s End of Course exams for math, which means two more days with 30 minute classes after a late start.  The week after is graduation with the last week of finals.  Will I survive this craziness?!  Of course, I always do, but this year seems particularly frantic and rushed.

I was so planned out for the year so that the curriculum could be covered in a thoughtful and #slowmath way. I used a method I found at TM4T (Time Management for Teachers) written by Joe Durham which worked great for my brain!  I will have to revisit this rich resource over the summer – add it to my summer planning list – although I must warn you that you need to pick and choose what you take away from Joe’s advice. Unfortunately, the last few weeks of plans are out the window.  The light gray day is the one we lost due to the walk-out.  We have a 4-day Memorial Day week-end (yay!) and then continue with the madness that is May.

crazy calendar

How is your end of year going?


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