Day 161: Fatal Vision Goggles Just in Time for Prom

While at the Texas Instrument International Conference in March, I attended a workshop hosted by Robert Hanchett using Fatal Vision® Impairment Goggles to do an experiment testing students’ motor skills while wearing the goggles, which simulate the physical effects alcohol intoxication. These goggles give the students the experience of intoxication without actually imbibing alcohol.

fatal visionfatal vision at T3

I so wanted to add this activity to my AP Statistics curriculum, but it was so expensive.  I was considering writing a grant to our schools foundation when I got word that the local police department had just purchased the whole Fatal Vision Goggles kit and was looking for a way to introduce the experience in the schools.  Whoo-Hoo!!  I immediately contacted Officer Munoz and set up a time to coordinate.  He also was very excited to use these materials so quickly into the high school.

Prior to this experience, Officer Munoz talked about his experiences with drunk driving and the procedures policemen must follow when administering a field sobriety test.  He shared the actual form used during the test.  He also demonstrated the full process for two randomly selected students.  My students were very engaged and focused on the introduction – so fun to have an activity that is so relevant for my students!

20150515_105156 20150515_10264520150515_110229 20150515_110417

For the lab, Amy P Statistics students will walk a 10-foot line both with goggles and without the goggles. The order in which they do this will be randomized by the students using a coin toss. Before the project, they will make a hypothesis concerning how many times they deviate from the line both with and without the goggles. While each student walks the line under both conditions, their partner will silently count how many times the subject strays from the line. After the data is collected, the AP Statistics students will conduct t-tests to determine the validity of their hypotheses.

20150515_111603 20150515_11231820150515_111948 20150515_124321

After the activity, students were very enthusiastic about the experience and highly recommend it for next year.  Officer Munoz and I hope to do the same activity during my AP Statistics class, but follow it up with a lunch time experience for the rest of the school.  I so love the opportunity to bring the community into my mathematics classroom!!

How do you weave in community experiences into your classroom?  I’m always looking for new and easily implemented ways to welcome our community into the schoolhouse, so I’d love to hear from you.



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