Day 160: Infographics the New ASA Poster Project?

Over the years in AP Statistics, I have had students create a poster using the ASA (American Statistical Association) Poster Competition as a guide.  I have really enjoyed using this venue to get students thinking about data visualization.  The structure of the competition made for an easy implementation into the course.  As I looked back at the posters, they had lots of wonderful things going on!  Here’s on looking at the influences on the ability to become a US president:

20150518_093235 20150518_093205 20150518_093221 20150518_093226


Another compared Personality and Activity Preferences.  I asked my students to think of ways to incorporate their 5 supporting questions with their main question and to create intriguing and complex graphs that draw the observer in to analyze the information more closely.

20150518_093242 poster 20150518_093252

A drawback of the whole process is that once the posters are sent off to the competition, we never see them again, not get any feedback.  Thus, I d idn’t have any exemplars to show the next year’s students nor any advice based on assessment feedback.  Simultaneously, the time taken in the beginning of the year always made me anxious about whether we would cover the requisite Collegeboard curriculum by the test date; it is always so close as it is that taking the needed days sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t.

I think the experience is super valuable for my students, but the whole poster-thing is a little archaic.  This year, as I was adding to my Pinterest boards, I kept seeing infographics that communicated data analysis for so many things.  And then when we had the Career day, part of Veronica Smith’s presentation was about how she used infographics to present complex data in a meaningful yet understandable way for the lay person.  And this is when I had an Ah-Ha moment!  Instead of the usual end of year project, do all of the same things, but have students present findings in an infographic with the in-depth statistical analysis submitted separately.

Here is my first blush attempt at the end of year project.  I am really excited but still a little tentative because its a new approach and there are always glitches.  But I have a week to think about it!

infographic project


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