Day 159: AP Exam Day is Done!

I can’t wait to hear how my students did today!  I am so proud of their focus and perseverance in preparing for this exam.  There were 19 of them and only a few were a little nervous this morning.  I made a support sign and hung it in the room the test was being given.

I saw many ideas for making a support package for standardized testing on Pinterest.  I’ve wanted to do this for my AP Stats statletes for a few years now, but never seemed to find the time to actually put it together until this year.  So last night, I gathered the requisite items and began to stuff the Care Packages (oops, there’s my take-out teriyaki in the mix).

20150512_195233 20150513_064551

The day before I looked at a variety of ideas and merged them into one for statistics.  I thought my little anecdotes were quite qwippy…but I plan to make the sayings even better next year!

20150512_201510 20150513_1555422.jpg

I am really glad that I took the time this year to put together my AP Statistics Exam Care Package.  My students were very appreciative, too.  I just love ’em to death!  What do you think?


Unfortunately, we had a 90-minute block class just before the exam, and I didn’t want to have them staring at me while those not taking the exam “goofed around,” which would make the AP test-takers even more nervous than they already were feeling.  So I decided to use the AP Statistics Murder Mystery activity, adapted by Linda Gann from Major Revak of the US Air Force Academy and offered at the AP Stats Best Practices evening.  This was the first time I’ve used it and I think it was a nice, low-key way to do something “statsy” without focusing on the test.  Most students found the activity relaxing too.  But I’m still not sure it was the best thing just before the exam.  Have to reflect on that some more!  What ideas do you have for this kind of situation?

20150513_155129 20150513_154919


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