Day 153: Any Way You Slice It.

My percalc kids took their test on Matrices today and then we begin our last area of study: conics. Interestingly, when I polled my classes, very few had worked with them before. So, I’m excited. Conics are so much more fun the first time around.

A great resource for classroom-ready Nspire activities is Math Inspired.


Using the Nspire document, Introduction to Conics, they were introduced to some vocabulary and images to help build a basic foundation.  The second part of this Action-Consequence document had students explore the relationship between the focus, directrix and points on a parabola.

05-08-2015 Image001 05-08-2015 Image002 05-08-2015 Image003 05-08-2015 Image004

Since we don’t have class tomorrow, and we’re in the midst of AP testing, I also had them do an exploration using a Shodor (a national resource for computational science) called Conic Flyer for homework.  The goal is to have the students look at the basic equation for each type (how they are alike and different) as well as apply their understanding of transformation of functions to conic sections.

Shodor2 shodor3

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