Day 150: Career Day

Today was Career Day at school.  We had shortened periods with two time slots for students to listen to adults from our community sharing about their careers.  I was fortunate enough to have Veronica Smith of Data2Insight speak in my room!  She talked about her career path and how she ended up as a Data Scientist.  One of the really interesting things she shared was how a data scientist bridges the gap between domain scientists and method scientists.  They create knowledge (through a systematic investigative process) by collecting, processing and analyzing data to make it understandable and usable.  One study she shared was how Twitter language choices was used to predict heart  disease mortality.  She shared how categorical data (psychological word use in tweets) was organized in word clouds to determine which types of topics were positively and negatively correlated with AHD mortality.  Fascinating!!

20150430_105800 20150430_103036

Another interesting share was the type of statistical techniques used by data scientists.  Linear and logistic regression were used quite extensively; nice to share with my AP Stats kiddos as they are finishing up linear regression analysis this week!



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