Day 144: Nspire to the Rescue

Seniors in our school had their senior “skip” day on Monday.  ARGH!!  We had just started linear regression inference on Friday, and Monday was discussing the conditions for inference for the population slope.  I knew if I simply plowed along, I would plow most of the “skippers” under.  So how do I not condone the “skip” (and reteach the lesson as if no one had attended) but also not penalize the skippers academically (while also validating and rewarding those that did not skip)?

Quite the dilemma, but while my students took their Chi-Square test, I was able to put together an Nspire companion document to this problem:

Alternate Example 12.1a: Fresh flowers?

For their second-semester project, two AP Statistics students decided to investigate the effect of sugar on the life of cut flowers. They went to the local grocery store and randomly selected 12 carnations. All the carnations seemed equally healthy when they were selected. When the students got home, they prepared 12 identical vases with exactly the same amount of water in each vase. They put one tablespoon of sugar in 3 vases, two tablespoons of sugar in 3 vases, and three tablespoons of sugar in 3 vases. In the remaining 3 vases, they put no sugar. After the vases were prepared and placed in the same location, the students randomly assigned one flower to each vase and observed how many hours each flower continued to look fresh. Here are the data and computer output….

Here are some of the screens:

04-23-2015 Image001 04-23-2015 Image002 04-23-2015 Image003 04-23-2015 Image004 04-23-2015 Image00604-23-2015 Image005 04-23-2015 Image007

Because my students were already logged in to the Navigator, I could send it right away.  They didn’t have to enter the data, and by using a split screen, I could re-introduce (re-enforce) the conditions and visually show what needed to be done to check the conditions.  Those students who were there on Monday found the document to be “awesome,” in their own words.  They said it actually helped them solidify their understanding better.  And we were able to cover the topic in 10 minutes.

Addendum 4/23: in their opener today, they could articulate the mnemonic, what it stood for AND how to check the 5 conditions!!  Whoot-whoot!


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