Day 138: A Titanic Exploration of Association

Chi-Square Inference is pretty darn interesting!  I think it is amazing that two very different situations are analyzed in the exactly the same way: Homogeneity vs. Association.  And I really leap on the opportunity to revisit experimental and study design since this is so central to deciding the type of Chi-square method one should use in a real situation.

ChiSqrIndependanceActivity 20150415_105726

I also get antsy if we haven’t collected data to analyze in more than a few days.  And AP Statistics is a great medium for getting our “mathematical hands” dirty.  This year I attended a workshop at the 2014 T3 International Conference on the CCSS statistics strand.  We did lots of hands activities, but one activity created by Dan Thiel on the idea behind analyzing categorical data in tables caught my interest immediately.  Lurking below the surface was a Chi-square application.  With a bit of re-writing to fit the AP curriculum, I adapted the activity to explore and apply the Chi-square Test of Association using a simulation.  Great activity!!  And since Dan didn’t want to cart back the materials, he let me take them.  Instant activity without the hassle of collecting and creating individual materials.

20150415_110827     ChiSqrIndependanceActivityData

How have you used materials from a workshop or conference that really wasn’t at the correct level for your students but had great potential?

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