Day 131: Two Sample Gallery Walk

My AP Stats students were feeling a little rushed and uncomfortable with the whole process of writing up a two-sample hypothesis test for proportions vs. confidence intervals.  I completely understand!  There are so many nuances and details to keep track of, so much to write and they just needed a confidence booster.

I thought I’d try something a little different.  I copied lots of prompts from various textbooks, but without the question.  Then I gave these directions:

Your and your partner will practice writing up a two-proportion inference procedure for both an inference test and confidence interval.  You have 45 minutes to complete the poster (20 minutes for each question and 5 minutes for organization).  Each of you is to write in a different color and sign your name in that color.  Read the situation carefully.  Glue the situation to the top of your poster paper; the poster is to be letter (not landscape) orientation.  Write the title of the problem at the top of your poster paper. 

  1. Write and answer an inference test question (Is there significant evidence that…) about this information. Select and state the a-level chosen.  Describe the error you might be making with your decision.
  2. Write and answer a confidence interval question (Estimate the true difference…) about this information. Select and state the confidence level.  Interpret the confidence level.  Describe the additional information you gain from the confidence interval.

At the end of the time, we will do a gallery walk.  You will be assessing two write-ups using the inference rubric.  You will have 7 minutes to complete each assessment.

We had a block period (90 minutes) to work on the posters AND do the gallery walk.  Time was a little tight, but the discussion was fabulous!  I love getting to walk around and listen to peer discussions and I had a great opportunity to connect with my struggling students in order to clarify things based on their questions.  I really liked how the activity made the students write the question – I hope this will help when they read unfamiliar questions as we prep for The Exam.

20150401_172942 20150401_172921


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