Day 129: GradeCam

One of my colleagues share an amazing AND FREE technology tool for grading called GradeCam.  Since I teach AP Statistics and we do a lot of multiple choice practice, this could be a way to give students immediate feedback in a variety of ways.  So let me share the bare-bones description of this product.

First you sign-up for a GradeCam account.  With the free account, you can have a multiple choice assessment with up to 10 questions.  Right now, though, if you sign up you can get 3 months with up to 100 questions per assessment (gosh who would have 100 MC questions?!!).

Secondly, you either create a class under the Classes tab or use the pre-made class of 30 (I used that for some formative assessment in which I didn’t need the results, but the kids did).  You can import class lists or type them in.  When you do this, each student needs an ID number which is then printed on the scan sheet (bubbled in, too).


Next, you create an assignment.  Name it and enter the answers on the bubble screen.  You can also decide to have multiple forms.  On the student’s answer sheet, they need to indicate which form they took.

GradeCam7   GradeCam8


Then, you print out scan sheets that have each student’s name and ID already on the sheet.  The ID is already bubbled in.  Hand out, have the students take the assessment.  If you have multiple forms, be sure the student indicates the form taken.  You can use the camera on your computer to scan, a doc camera connected to your computer, or your cell phone to scan the filled out answer sheet.  Today I chose to walk around and scan with my phone.  I could tell the students how they did or tell them which question they should rethink…immediate feedback!

GradeCam10  GradeCam5


Last of all, if you are interested in item analysis or whole class performance, you can look at the results.  Disclaimer:  I planned to have 8 questions, but when I xeroxed the questions, there were only the first five…so the kiddo’s best score could only be 5/8!

GradeCam2  GradeCam9

What new FREE technology have you used lately that has positively impacted your practice in the classroom?



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