Day 127: Parametric Paths

I love Geogebra!!  I ♥ how easy it is for any student to enter into a Geogebra activity; smacks of “multiple entry points.”  No words, no directions, simply “playing;” smacks of Dan Meyer‘s suggestion to “turn up the math dial slowly.”  I wish I had time to create my own, but there are so many wonderful activities already out there and people are so willing so share, I don’t see the need.  Check it out!

Today I used part of Steve Phelps’ Parametric Paths Geogebra book.

Parametric Paths Geogebra

The first sheet, Parametric Path on a Number Line, was fabulous.  The student’s task  is to change x(t) so the BLUE point will move from the starting point to the stopping point when you drag the slider t.  Very engaging and game-like approach.  Had many different “solutions,” some that needed tweaking as we we checked it and others that worked, but were in different forms.  

20150323_120652 20150323_12070520150323_120630 20150323_141251

Math practices abounded in this activity today: sense-making and persevering, reasoning, critiquing the equation of others, and looking for structure.  Unfortunately, Steve’s sheet #2 had some glitches, so we weren’t able to use the Geogebra activity, but the groundwork had been set with sheet #1; it worked so well was that when we went to the two-dimensional situation, the kids had a conceptual toolkit to build on even without the visual.

UWbug1   UWbug2

Such a nice lesson and I will use it again.  What lesson have you done lately that is a “keeper?”

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