Day 126: Do We Have It Yet?

So yesterday’s Professional Development opportunity was AWESOME!  Today, back to reality.  My AP Stats kiddos have been left on their own a great deal this past 6 class day with me gone for 4 of them.  But they are troopers.  They were left with the task to learn about and understand confidence interval procedures for two means.  Today I wanted to summarize with them what they know, what they need to fine-tune and what eluded them.  So I wrote on the white board Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, and Step 4.  And they told me what needed to be filled in using the Additional Practice problem from their notes.

Helium Balloon Problem

They actually articulated well the key and crucial parts of the process.  We had a little calculator issue as you can see, which led to using the calculator more efficiently and effectively. We also revisited the distinction between the standard error vs. standard deviation along with finding the critical t-value.

20150320_131042 20150320_131050

We’ll see how the Frappy’s go next week.



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